Hello! I'm Ivan, a software engineer based in Argentina.


Use a custom data folder on Flatpak apps

#linux #flatpak #tips

You can run Flatpak apps on a separate data folder to allow separate instances of the same app, better isolation of personal/work data, and more. Here's how...

Handle Javascript errors like in Go

#javascript #intermediate #experiment

I've experimented with error handling for Javascript async code. You'll see the usual, the not very common, and something unconventional. Hopefully this may be of use to someone.

Running unverified apps on Mac

#mac #gatekeeper #workaround #tips

If you're trying to run a binary/app on your Mac and you don't seem to be able to because of a missing verification, this tip may help you.

Safer types on TypeScript

#typescript #types #intermediate

You can use slightly different types than you would normally use to get stricter assurances on your data.

Introduction to testing with Python

#python #testing #beginners

Checking that your program works is essential, in this post I'll show you how you can make sure that your app behaves as expected writing tests that will run in a blink instead of having to manually test the app trying every use case.

Unraveling callbacks with async functions

#javascript #tips #webdev #readability

Using async functions we can make our code easier to read and maintain, on this article I'll show you how I refactored real world code.

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